I feel sorry for Ms. Sherawat!


Well, yes! I just can’t help it. I am no fan of hers, but I feel sorry for the poor lady who is  being ripped apart post her Cannes performance. Be it her clothes, her accessories, her hair  or the person’s arm on which she draped herself, everything is under fire! It wont be wrong  to ask whether you remember the last hit delivered by her. But man, cut her some slack!

I remember reading somewhere about her trip to Hong Kong and how she constantly      tweeted about what she saw and what she bought. This action was called as being tacky and  that ‘money cannot buy class’. I was just wondering whether sharing about your experiences  gets you labelled tacky, or are these parameters just for celebrities and mere mortals like  this author can get away with simple joys of life?

Yeah she ain’t a fab actress. She’s not won some swanky beauty pageant. One might  remember her more for her err…curvaceous assets than acting skills but if she’s really  so unbollywood-ish, then why write about her at all? LET HER BE!

If she doesn’t have what it takes to consolidate her position in B-town, for whatever reason,  then let her at least fade away with dignity!


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