O What A Night!

It seems as if the Gods are unleashing their pent up fury. The dark night sky is barely robed by a few wisps of cloud. The moon, diminished in its appearance, seems to be hiding behind them as if only interested in taking a peek at our land. The grey outline adds to the intrigue. The thunder is deafening, and lightening streaks the blanket of the night like thousands of volts of electricity coursing through the veins of the sky, ripping everything in its way apart. The wind howls its way through, as lamp posts reflect the rain being slanted by its force. It’s all so strangely beautiful and mesmerizing. I can’t take my eyes off it, though the chill makes me shiver. Sleep tugs at my eyelids, my bandaged hand hurts, my muscles plead for rest, but it’s as if I am rooted to where i stand, incapable of moving. Till today, I have never been able to understand my fascination for Nature and its antics. It’s just amazing how insignificant one truly is in the scheme of things in our universe. In front of Nature’s forces, nothing can stand and sustain. This is an unseasonal storm tonight, destroying the crops and throwing daily routines in a tizzy.

But its torment is its beauty. Its shrieks are its melodies. Its presence is divine.



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