Radically Insane!


DRACONIAN- The term Draco refers to an Athenian lawgiver from around 620-630 BCE who was noted for a very strict code of conduct, with swift and disproportionately harsh punishments. Rather fitting for the name Dracos, which refers to a constellation in the northern sky, representing a dragon.

Oh how I love this word! The sense of peace I feel when the media and civil rights groups use this word for a law is unmatched. As a citizen, I appear to be empathizing for the wrong party here i.e. the government. But I cannot deny that I hold an inherent disregard and disdain for the self appointed guardians of the moral, ethical and human rights in the society. The anti government rants which are becoming more and more anti-national with the passage of time, the high pitched shrieking of holier than thou men and women with the sole aim of enforcing their agendas, their misleading of the poor, ignorant masses that have started thinking of strikes and dharnas and blockades as some sort of a national past time- a draconian response, a legal draconian response is what all this really deserves.

The argument of democracy and fundamental rights also falls flat on its face. These are doctrines nay phenomenon that have been misused and abused so shamelessly by those charged with honouring them, govt and citizens alike, that they have been reduced to mere clichés, especially in a country like ours. Freedom of expression! Right to speech! Media freedom! Constitution! Ooooooooooooowww!! Such terrible, terrible follies of the human mind! Having been an ardent supporter of true democracy and everything which it entails, today I really cant help but wonder about the sagacity of this argument. Freedom but to what extent? Rights but where are the corresponding duties? Unabashed hunger for power and wealth but a complete annihilation of national interest. This is the corruption of present day society and that is why any absolute liberty to citizens needs to be given a raincheck. Excessive power in the hands of the not so common common man has hollowed the very foundations of this society. Common man is no longer a term used for the unheard voice, the silent sentinel who keeps doing his work with a bowed head. The true common man has been consumed by the pseudo victims. And this great opera of rights and liberty and other fancy terms that these creatures keep espousing only diminishes the idea behind these truly once-great concepts. Rightly said. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

And this is why TADA, POTA (now repealed), ESMA, AFSPA, UAPA, NIA Act, MCOCA, etc (just to name a few) are amazing statutes with some genuinely strict provisions that must be enforced to their last letter. Draconian they might be, but laws come into existence only on the basis of factors existing in the society. So if these statutes exist, it is because we as a people asked for them to be brought into existence. Today, the exact conditions of their genesis might not exist and that’s why certain safeguards can be placed in the system, but to do away with a statute entirely especially without a suitable replacement is an invitation to more trouble. A draconian law is what will shut up such radically misconcept laden masses and bring them back to sanity, even if by force because that force will give way to a new dawn of logic and reason. Once the national past time shifts from crippling the administration and constitutional machinery of the state to fulfilling ones obligations and duties, we WILL start moving on a path of true development. Inclusive, holistic development. At no point of time, there needs to be a suspension of that much harped about freedom and liberty, but the fear needs to be instilled that nothing can be taken for granted and nefarious activities against the state will be met by an iron response. The slumber that we are in, well this might be the only thing left for the government to do, not that there is anything even remotely good about them. But well we put them there.

People get the government they deserve. We might as well abide.


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