The Moments That Will Fade Away…

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It is supposed to be the night of the meteor showers. I read about it on a news website and no surprises for guessing that i was gonna be up all night for the celestial treat. K and I requested the hostel warden to unlock the terrace for just one night but to no avail. As we persisted, she finally relented a little and told us we could step out in the sprawling lawns of our hostel and the smaller terrace which is more like this space jutting out of the first floor of one of the blocks. Beggars cant be choosers, so we agreed. And anyways, only the two of us had been given the permission. In case you are wondering, our hostel has some really strange rules, and not stepping out of the residential block after 11 is one of them. The terrace is always locked and the lawns are out of bounds. A pity, since our campus is surrounded by endless green fields which kiss the flawless blue sky at the horizon. The view, to say the least, is usually mesmerizing.

The news article had said that the meteor shower would start after 0030 hours and peak between 3 am and 5 am. Ordinarily, staying up that late is not a novelty as we are either working on something related to college, or attending our girly Panchayats in someone’s room. This abates if your attendance in the first lecture of the next day is abominably low. Since the next day was to be a Monday, neither I nor K were too keen on staying up till 5. N had deserted us long back, yawning. At midnight, K and I left our rooms for the lawns. The first hurdle was the guard who came running after us, admonishing us to return to our rooms. A few curt replies sent her scuttling. As the garden was bathed in very strong white light, we decided to go to the terrace. But the juniors had beaten us to it. We could hear them screeching as they indulged in some senseless game of running around shouting their heads off. There quietened down for a brief moment when we the seniors approached, but we ignored them and walked to another corner, keenly gazing up at the sky. We were in for a wretched disappointment, as it was very very cloudy. Even the moon was unable to take a peek at us, and vice versa. But we decided to wait it out, at least till our patience lasted. Then the guards were there again. As we were the senior-most there, we decided to speak to them. At their request, we told the juniors to not create such a ruckus as that would only result in all of getting packed off to our rooms. They listened to us, and the noise abated. After being on the terrace for the better part of an hour and being able to see only clouds, K and I got bored. To while away time, we decided to return to the garden and indulge ourselves on the swings there.

This was the moment when the night stopped being about the meteor shower, and became about the moments passing by instead. As we sat on the swings, slow Bollywood music for company, i started wondering of the little time we are left with as students here. It was unusually chilly for an April night, and i could see the trees swinging with us. K and I sat in silence, feeling no need to disturb those moments with trivial talk. I gazed at the sky, hummed with the music, swung a little, smiled to myself, cursed the clouds too. I wondered where we would be an year and few months from now. Whether such moments of peace and friendship would come back to us. Whether we could relive them forever and ever. As i lost myself in my thoughts, the ruckus being created by the juniors faded away, the ominous guards stopped mattering, even the clouds weren’t a pain. It is really about living in the moment, and making the most of it. Once these moments pass us by, they will never return. And no matter how hard we try replicating them, it won’t be the same Ever.

As i conclude, i see a slight streak in the sky. It could be real, it could be my imagination. Either ways, an ordinary night has ended on a rather nostalgic note…



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