Rejection of a Woman

Woman. Beyond the anatomy of curves lies a creature with deep emotions. With an intensity that can awe or terrify you. With a passion that can intimidate or satiate you. With a need that can build or emasculate you. Or all of it.

She can feel. She could be the clever, manipulative bitch who rips you apart or she could be the devoted, loving angel. She will always be sublime. Which is why the smallest of gestures, or their lack, can topsy-turvy a woman’s entire universe.

I saw them strolling one night in the campus. It was a balmy evening, and darkness had just descended. That those two were taking a walk was socially acceptable. Because a married couple is so completely legitimate in India. Marriage is magically expected to breed love and care and concern and a whole lot of other entities with a high nuisance value. Anyhow, they strolled on and I continued on my way to my destination on a parallel path.

I smiled when I saw her link her arm through his. I was aghast when he extricated himself roughly from that link.

And that gesture unleashed a torrent of thought and emotions within me.

Whatever it is that a woman feels, she feels with intensity. Its usually everything or nothing. I could see no harm in two people walking hand-in-hand, married or otherwise. There was no cause for any self-consciousness. And even if there was, certain things can be done gently too. Because when a man rejects a woman’s touch, it affects the woman more than just physically. It is not a mere rejection of a physical gesture but a rejection of all the emotions that formed the gesture. He didn’t just place a barrier of physicality when he dumped his wife’s hand away from himself. He rejected their intimacy. He rejected their common path ahead.

A woman’s touch on a man’s body, when it transcends lust, is rooted in some of the most fundamental instincts known to the human race. A woman holding a man’s hand, or placing her arm around him, or linking her arm through his, or leaning on his shoulder…it implies a very high degree of trust. It is a manifestation of her expectation that he will protect her. It shows that she doesn’t feel threatened and feels completely safe in that moment. That he is there.

When a man rejects that gesture, he rejects all of this, even if unwittingly.

When he rejected her that evening, he rejected her very existence.

A woman’s rejection can only be absolute. And that rejection slaughters her soul. Absolutely.


2 Responses to “Rejection of a Woman”

  1. Some times I’m compelled to think that is it wrong, is it a bane to feel everything so deeply? Are we that difficult to comprehend by the opposite sex that our emotions and feelings are being ignored let alone being misinterpreted.

    But then I wonder how can something that is my natural emotion, be wrong?! It’s being experienced and shared in it’s purest form. How can that be a bane?! All that is expected is to respect that emotion, if not acknowledge it.

    In a fast paced world, where every second demands that it be valued and respected, a man waits for that time to come, when TIME bestow its greatest rewards on the people who understood its true value. A woman on the other hand would want to make maximum of the time she has today with him, than to wait for the day when she believes she would have time, to spend some time with him.

    Don’t mistake our desire to be a part of your daily life, with being your whole life. All we want is a peck on the cheek or a helping hand, a word of appreciation or a gesture that says “I’m glad I have you!” to reassure us that the emotions ( that we can’t help but feel so deeply) that we attach with you, your life, have not been ridiculed or gone unnoticed.

    This is a beautiful piece Shreya! You have expressed so much in such a little gesture that it surprises me that something so simple and uncomplicated can actually reflect the true relationship that is shared (or maybe not) by two people.
    I could’t agree more with every word of this article, that I’ve actually read it thrice. 🙂

    • Hi Avi! Thanks for taking time out to read and promote this piece!

      And a natural emotion can never be wrong. We might this we are wrong when the other person does not understand, but that is his loss more than ours. In the long term, it will prove to be true.

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